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Who want in gadgets

This article is what woman want in gadget
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Does a bold and beautiful mobile hand set excite you? Does a sleek touch screen I pad turn you on with its sexy applications? You are surely the alpha woman who has fallen in love with no worldly man, but out of the world super advance savage named, ‘gizmo and gadget’.

There was a time when brands were offering pink mobiles, tiny sizes, lightweight handsets, flowery textures for the so called feminine women of the world. Well, times have changed and so have women! If you think that a lady sitting on the high profile corporate position is looking for some teenage girly stuff, you need to rework on your brand strategy as today’s women aspire for smart solutions to their tech needs.

Sleek Yet Bold
Gadget trends are more like attires today. They change frequently and with every season. What spring summer had on offer not necessarily will be the fashion of fall. But there are some trends that are the demand of the day. Women are looking for sleek yet bold styles. They want flamboyance but not making them look dumb about their own gadget. “I don’t go for any gadget just because its commercially popular. I want my gadget speak ‘me’ but at the same it must match my requirements as well. I like to use I pad as it is more like ‘all-in-one’ solution. I am not a Blackberry follower but Apple. It’s sturdier and looks domineering,” say a Research Analyst from IT industry.

Girl Gadgets

Now, that comes a reply from a tech woman. What about lifestyle and glamour industry? Do you think they still love the ‘Bling appeal’? “When it comes to gadget, I always look for something black or grey in colour. It should fit in my palm and should be heavy. Of course, we all like to flaunt our gizmos but my tech tools need to be sturdy as like, the way I am,” sums celebrity Pooja Bedi, a name who can’t be taken that lightly!

What Women look for
With technology going easier and user friendly, working women are finding gadgets as their best friends. If a corporate working who is tied up with meetings one after the other finds a tablet the best medium to access her mails, do video calls and download her presentations for the meetings, a busy mom in her finds it a much easier way to stay connected with the family. “A gadget with excellent applications is always helpful for us who spend major time in office. I can pay my bills, order groceries, and search some good destinations for a weekend trip, these are just a few simple things which a tablet can make easy,” says Market Analyst from HCL.

Application Trends, Differ Gender-wise
We are equal, but not necessarily in technology equations! Any gadgets offering some great applications are the first preference of any consumer. While men are always looking for the game applications, women on the other hand go for the witty and wiser applications. Women like to play word games on their smart phones, men usually end up in funny goal games or building modules. And, when it comes to downloading applications, many women download the books to go through during their lunch breaks in office. Men, do I need to mention they rarely try such stuff?

Another most interesting application that women are into is-grooming; While not many of us have time to follow a skincare regime, some prefer the same on their Tab. Thanks to brands like L’Oreal who offer iAds to make your life simpler! The list doesn’t end here. “There are brands that are offering calorie counter applications, which are globally well accepted by teens. Corporate women specially look for a ‘female calendar’ as they are certainly too busy to keep a check on their dates. And, those who are on the dominant side look for gadgets that have news applications. This ways they are more aware about the trends and updates,’ says an industry insider.

Whoa! I am sure the gadget world was never this exciting. Whether you fall in this category or not, I am on my way to explore my gadget that speaks ‘me’, only me!
Source: Hindustan times

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